Good health is a basic right and a precondition for development. Despite steady improvements to mortality over recent decades, Africa still faces the lowest life expectancy of any continent, with the communicable diseases of HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB as the main drivers. Communities’ vulnerability to such disease burden is sustained through a cocktail of poverty-related causes: water quality, nutrition, knowledge, and access to health services.

With limited personal and public resources available for investment in health, leaders and communities require innovative and highly targeted strategies. Prevention will often be better value than treatment. Community-based organisations, such as churches and NGOs, will work alongside public and private sector providers. Innovations such as health apps on mobile phones, or affordable health insurance will serve to improve quick access to care and information

Wasafiri helps improve health systems. We support system reform by conveying multiple players to identify priority goals and their role in delivering on these. We help individual organisations identify their specific role within a system and deliver on this mandate effectively. We have facilitated strategy development, system innovation, and undertaken M&E. We have particular expertise on HIV/AIDS.