Food Security and Nutrition

Adequate food is a basic human right. Yet over 200 million Africans are hungry. This takes a toll on health and productivity, especially for malnourished infants whose hampered development will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The primary cause of hunger is poverty, with both sustained by a complex web including agricultural productivity, governance, conflict, nutritionally poor food, and climate change.

There is no silver bullet. Eliminating hunger involves investments in agriculture, rural development, decent work, social protection and equality of opportunity. Government, civil society, business, labour unions, consumer groups and the scientific community must all play their role in achieving a common vision of zero hunger.

Wasafiri has helped organisations define shared strategies for tackling hunger together, and worked with individual organisations to plan their own contribution to such broader agendas. For example, Wasafiri played a facilitation role with the Global Alliance for Action for Drought Resilience & Growth, which convenes African and international partners to end famine in the Horn of Africa and the Sahel. Through work on agriculture, nutrition, climate change, governance, conflict and humanitarian response, our consultants offer comprehensive understanding of the many factors that sustain hunger.