Extractive Industries

Africa is rich in natural resources, with 13% of global oil and gas production, a majority of the world’s known platinum, chromium, and diamonds, and a large share of the world’s bauxite, cobalt, gold, phosphate, and uranium deposits. Such resources belong to a country’s citizens. Extraction of these resources can lead to wealth creation, economic growth and social development. However, when poorly managed it has too often led to corruption and even conflict. For companies, governments and citizens, the challenges of vested interests, weak infrastructure, constrained capacity and limited accountability can thwart their ability to collectively benefit from Africa’s underground wealth.

Wasafiri can help identify  pathways to ensure extractive industries create shared value for all stakeholders. To this end, several of our consultants have worked with companies, governments and civil society in undertaking community consultations, developing strategies, negotiating win-win partnerships, and promoting transparency.