Effective Institutions

The pace of Africa’s transformation will depend on the effectiveness of the institutions on the continent. They need clear mandates, appropriate structures, and empowering cultures that unlock the collective potential of the people within them. Too often the opposite is true, with limited capacity spread across an impossibly broad and diverse set of objectives, and a culture that locks-up decisions in the hands of a few powerful figures.

Wasafiri works with organisations to develop clear, highly focussed strategic objectives with strong ownership by the people who need to deliver them. We nurture empowered and disciplined organisational cultures. We help organisations define their specific niche within a wider constellation of bodies – whether within the public sector or within a market. We support leaders in taking their organisations on such a transformation.

Wasafiri’s roots are in facilitating organisational development, and we have worked extensively with companies, government bodies, and international organisations. Our interventions are as varied as facilitating a team planning session, to wholesale transformation of an institution. For example, after Wasafiri was embedded within Rwanda’s National Institute of Statistics for a year, the country rose from 10th to 2nd best in Sub-Saharan Africa in a World Bank ranking for statistical capacity. Wasafiri is partly owned by Impact International, a global leader in creating world-class organisations, allowing us to combine their expertise for corporate work with our deep knowledge of Africa.