We help drive change in Africa

Africa is undergoing a transformation. For people and organisations across the continent, this hard-won journey presents immense opportunities to create shared value in terms of peace, wealth and wellbeing. Yet Africa’s rise is hampered by challenges within its political, economic and social systems. Managing change within these systems is vital to realising the continent’s potential.

We help businesses, governments and institutions tackle complex problems within these systems. Recently we have worked with our clients to:

  • Catalyse private sector investment into African agriculture
  • Generate new approaches to counter violent extremism in East Africa
  • Support effective community engagement by the extractives industry in Kenya
  • Establish a new organisational strategy for tackling HIV in Southern Africa


We help tackle complex problems

We bring a rich understanding of what it takes to work within complex adaptive systems, and we use this to help our clients operate more effectively. We do this by:

  • Building the commitment of people and organisations to reshape the system together;
  • Generating robust intelligence to unearth realities on the ground, helping strengthen collaboration and drive decision-making;
  • Establishing clear direction, with a shared vision and viable strategy to reach it;
  • Enabling delivery by building capacity from start-up through to operational delivery and expansion.


We are trusted advisers, facilitators and change managers

The people of Wasafiri are brought together for their adventurous spirit, understanding of complex problems and track record of delivering change. We share a relentless optimism for Africa’s future, a hunger to move from dialogue to action, and a desire for excellence.


Our practice areas

Improving governance, strengthening markets, and forging stronger communities. MORE +

Our services

Generating commitment, intelligence, direction and action to tackle complex problems. MORE +

Our capability

A multinational community of dynamic professionals working across the continent. MORE + 


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The Diana Ware Award
23rd May, 2018

On November 3 2017, we lost Diana Ware,  a beloved friend, colleague, and Wasafiri family member. To honour her spirt, and the role she played in our lives and our work, we created the Diana Ware Award; and last mont, here at our Nairobi Office, a wide group of Wasafiri friend’s clients and community came […]

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